Worship is at 11.15 a.m. every Sunday and Communion is held quarterly together with an annual Covenant service (following the Methodist tradition) in January.

A family Christingle Service is held on Christmas Eve together with a Watchnight service and family service on Christmas morning. Other special services include a Christmas Youth Carol Service, Easter, Sunday School presentation service, Harvest, Boys’ Brigade Enrolment Service, Remembrance Day Service and Bereavement Service.

Worship follows, in most instances, a traditional form but the congregation is very open to new ideas. The New English Bible is currently used as the pew bible. Different translations are often used during worship depending on the minister’s preference. Members of the congregation participate in reading scripture passages during worship.

Multimedia facilities and internet access have been available in the church since 2011 and are used as part of worship. Hymns are normally drawn from CH4, Songs of Gods People, Common Ground and both Methodist Hymns and Psalms and Singing the Faith. A Christian Copyright Licence and Livestreaming Licence are held by the church. These allow us access to more modern worship music as well as being able to livestream services. A recording of the service is also available via the telephone for those who do not have access to the internet.

Normally, at the end of month teas are served in the halls after the service. This gives an opportunity for the congregation to socialise with one another.