Eco Congregation

What does this mean?

We are now joined with 254 other Eco-Congregations in Scotland. We must now be aware of the planet and the affect our lives have on it.

How can we be Eco-friendly?

There are several ways to make the church and the congregation eco-friendly. These include reducing and recycling our paper usage, installing energy saving light bulbs and encouraging

car-sharing to church. Take a look at our Eco Action Plan. We welcome your thoughts.

What happens after church?

Eco-congregation means to make the church friendlier towards the planet but it doesn’t mean that after church it has to stop. By creating an Eco-congregation we should hopefully encourage a “greener” ethos back at home.

We will keep you updated with Grahamston’s Eco News- watch out for our Notice board and updates in the Review and on the Website.

By Grahamston United Church Youth Group